About Plasma Water

Plasma Water

Simpl-Phi Wellness Center uses the Theraphi Plasma Device created by Dan Winter and Paul Harris.

Simpl-Phi Plasma energy water is locally sourced. Enjoy the cellular benefits of frequency imprinted island spring water. One cup (250 ml) per day of our Phi Water is wonderful for extending the benefits of our cold plasma treatments.

The Memory of Water

Plasma Water

Research has shown that water is a liquid crystal with a pliable lattice matrix that is capable of adopting many structural forms. The structure of water gives it an infinite capacity to store information within its matrix. A growing body of recent scientific evidence is now confirming traditional intuitive understandings of water’s role as mediator between the energetic and material worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information. Much evidence points to water’s ability to effectively memorize energy patterns with which it comes in contact and retain the energetic memory of vibrational frequencies for extended periods of time.


Phi Water Conductivity show a 44 % energy increase within 5 minutes.


A recent independent study by Dr. Glen Rein lab has demonstrated that the plasma energy from the Theraphi device has a measurable effect on the electrical properties of water.


Before and after measurements of electrical conductivity of water placed between the two opposing plasma fields were measured at the quantum biology research lab. Compared to untreated controls there was a 44% increase in conductivity.


According to Dr. Glen Rein this relatively large increase in conductivity indicates that the frequency information carried by the Theraphi plasma waves is imprinted into water very effectively. Compared to electromagnetic fields and scalar waves which take approximately 12 hours to imprint water, the Theraphi plasma waves produced an effect in only five minutes.


A 44 % increase is a radical result considering it only took 5 minutes. This proves many things – primary the focused ‘charge’ within the body that the Theraphi produces. Other wellness devices which do not have the unique features that make up the Theraphi technology, like phase conjugation / scaler waves – take several hours to get the same result!


Increasing electrical conductivity means the (electrical) energy in water is moving more quickly and easily but does not address the amount of the energy. The health implications are that water in the body is imprinted with the frequency information which can then spread throughout the entire body by the various “fluids” in the body, which include the blood and lymphatic systems as well as the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain.

Purifying Water With Plasma

By John Foster