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What is Cold Plasma Therapy?

Simpl-Phi Wellness Center uses the Theraphi Plasma Device created by Dan Winter and Paul Harris.

Theraphi is a powerful double conjugate plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field. The actual plasma tube arrangement used for this ‘time reverse/rejuvenation’ conjugation is depicted with remarkable accuracy in the Egyptian stone carving, It is phase conjugate, centripetal , negentropic. This kind of strong charge field is by definition simply the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumor growth. It IS this charge distribution efficiency perfected by definition- which is the electrical opposite of cancer.

 Theraphi activates the body’s healing regeneration system by producing a powerful bio-active field. Precise frequencies of hydrogen and phi-ratio harmonics are modulated and pass through a unique mixture of noble gases. The highly-charged plasma wave forms pass through your body resulting in a recharging of cells, DNA and spirit. 

 The Theraphi’s two plasma tubes create waves with opposing spin polarities.  The waves converge in such a way that they focus and self organize to create an increase of order and vitality, stimulating the natural healing process.

The plasma tubes are shown in action here on Dan Winters Youtube channel.


Theraphi – usually generates strong feelings of being energized, metabolic acceleration, circulation and sensation increase. It is obvious that charge circulation optimized, clearly facilitates blood and nerve circulation is optimized. In disease cases of many types- there are many early reports of very significant benefit. These are being replicated now by medical professionals. Not just anti-swelling etc- it is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost.



With proven frequency emissions known and measured- it uses a high voltage version of a special aligned plasma lamp pair- to stimulate. However, since it accelerates metabolism and heart rate, and brings sacral cranial spine liquid pumping to still point (turning point for healing in many cases). The experience generally means you will NOT be sleepy for quite a while). In a large number of cases there is also a feeling of bliss/ euphoria introduced.. 



 Theraphi is a new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target acute and chronic pain throughout the body. Theraphi is an electromagnetic wave therapy device which reduces pain and speeds healing. Trial testing shows improved mobility and reduced pain for people with back, neck and joint pain.

The efficacy of electromagnetic wave therapy has been well documented for over 60 years.  Countless experiments and case histories show that the right mixture of signature frequencies can positively effect the human body’s natural healing responses to pain, inflammation, degenerative diseases, immune deficiencies, metabolism, heart rate variability, viruses and parasites.

Trials indicate that by utilizing a broad spectrum of specific frequencies, the Theraphi process may be effective for: 

 Pain reduction , Swelling reduction, Wound regeneration, Enhancing remission of chronic illness, Reducing the effects of aging, Cell memory reversal and more .....


For testimonials and further info, there are 45 centers in the world total, which can be found here;


 Walter graciously volunteered for our unboxing ceremony.


Walter volunteeringWalter volunteering